Rubicon X is a free, cross platform, first person shooter that continues the story of Bungie’s Marathon trilogy. First released as Marathon:Rubicon in 2001, Rubicon X is a complete overhaul of the original. It features all new high-resolution artwork, new and updated maps, and enough surprises to feel like a whole new game.



Rubicon X Data

To play Rubicon, download and unzip the archive below. When you're done, you should have a new directory called Rubicon X:

Rubicon X data files

Aleph One

You also need the newest version of the Aleph One engine. Copy the application, Fonts, and Themes into your Rubicon X folder:


extras:   network maps     icons for mac os x      spread rubicon - digg it!


Make sure the contents of your Rubicon X folder looks like this:

PC users will also need the "Fonts" and "Themes" folders in the same directory. The July 1st build of Aleph One or newer is required. Older machines may have problems handling the high resolution graphics. If Rubicon is slow, try tuning the advanced OpenGL settings to improve performance. To ensure that the visual effects are handled correctly, check that fog is on and "Color untextured areas" is off.

Want the source?

Here you go. Be sure to stop by the Aleph One sourceforge project and lend a hand in making Marathon better!

Looking for more to play?

We recommend the original trilogy: Marathon 1, 2, Infinity. Great third party scenarios include Tempus Irae, Evil, Red, Morgana's Revenge, and Eternal. Everything can be downloaded for free from source.bungie.org.

Who are we?

The original Rubicon was made by many people, but two made the lion's share:

  • Chris Lund - most of the maps, weapons, items, and enemy sprites, as well as creating most of the non-Bungie sounds you'll hear in the game.
  • D. Scott Phoenix - most of the textures, terminal and chapter graphics, and this website. He also wrote most of the story.

Almost everything for the Rubicon X overhaul was done by Chris, except for texture set 1 and a few textures in other sets. He's the guy you should thank. For full credits on everything, click the Rubicon logo at the game's main screen.